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Make A Smile!

Transforming lives, renewing spirits and bringing hope to Atlanta's homeless community

Twice a week, we extend our support to the homeless community in downtown Atlanta. Every Sunday and Monday, we provide essential supplies and nourishment, accompanied by worship services that offer the teachings of God's word, counseling, and prayers.


Additionally, our services extend to personalized one-on-one counseling, specifically tailored for pregnant women within the homeless community. This specialized counseling emphasizes mental well-being and guides them through the essential steps for a healthy childbirth.

Ultimately, true transformation will take root as the prevailing perception of the homeless community shifts—from an isolated issue to a collective concern that commands the attention of us all.


Our Mission

The Make a Smile Foundation, a Christian Mission Organization, extends its support to downtown Atlanta's homeless community. Our efforts encompass rehabilitation and referral programs, designed to foster self-sufficiency on both physical and spiritual levels. We firmly believe that the divine intention is to reach and renew the souls of those in the homeless community, revitalizing both their spirits and minds. This holistic transformation equips them to emerge as leaders, imparting positivity and illumination to their communities.

Our Program

At the heart of our efforts lies the significance of relationships in the transformative process we aspire to achieve within the homeless community. Through genuine life-on-life discipleship, we share the boundless love of God and inspire program participants to recognize their self-worth as seen through the eyes of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

What We Need

Our aspiration hinges on forging partnerships with local churches and businesses, fostering mentorship that spawns opportunities for restoration and skill-building, leading to tangible and lasting changes in the lives of our program participants.

Here's how you can contribute:


Your love and prayers are invaluable. Your support, whether through the contribution of time, resources, or financial aid, is deeply appreciated and will significantly impact our mission. Your dreams hold power. Together, we can effect substantial change. We eagerly invite you to share in the joy of this journey with us.

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